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I get it. You’re wavering. You want a record of the day, but you don’t want a camera in your face, and you don’t want to see endless shots of yourself at varying stages of drunkenness.

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My videos aren’t glossy music videos where everyone is smiling and laughing all the time. Real life is about getting your heel stuck in a cow grate. It’s about a table falling over because it wasn’t put up properly. Holey Matrimony isn't about 'perfect' - it's about soul, sound and raw emotion. 

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I work tirelessly on each of my videos, I don’t count the hours, and I try loads of different things until I get it right. You won’t notice me on the day but you will LOVE being able to see your first dance again, watching your best man's speech so many times you can recite it, and playing back in slo-mo your inebriated mate Leo's barefooted dash for the bouquet.


Tiana was absolutely amazing and we are so pleased with the video. I really couldn’t recommend Holey Matrimony enough!
— Hannah D